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Bean quesadilla with spicy salsa & yogurt

15 minutes, 712 calories, 1 serving



  1. Put kidney beans in a small bowl with a bit of bean liquid, cumin, onion powder, salt and pepper (optional), and mash together roughly.
  2. Spread mixture over one side of tortilla, and top with sweet corn and cheese.
  3. Heat a large pan on a medium-high heat, carefully add tortilla to it and wait for it warm up. Then fold over and press down, until the cheese is melted and the tortilla is crispy.
  4. Chop tomato, jalapeño and coriander and put them in a small bowl. Squeeze in as much lime juice in you want, set aside.
  5. Serve the quesadilla with the salsa and the yogurt. Enjoy!
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